Biofuel Production in the Republic of Senegal
Getulio Vargas Foundation, prompted by the memorandum between Brazil and United States signed in 2007, developed several viability studies for biofuel production in countries from Central America, Caribe and the African continent. In the report entitled “Biofuel Production in the Republic of Senegal”, requested by Itamaraty (MRE/Ministry of External Relations), FGV Projects presents the economic, financial and technical aspects which correpond to the first phase of the study abut the biofuel production for the Republic of Senegal. This publication is also available in French and reinforces the viability in the introduction of biofuels in the energetic matrix of Senegal, which attracts investments of private companies and, as a result bolsters social and economic development in the country.
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Viability Analysis for Biofuel Production and Investment Recommendation
FGV Projects and GV Agro stand out in the development of projects and studies about biofuels. Experts in the matter refer to the viability of biofuel production in several countries, and recommend investments in all the productive chain, specific for each area. This will enable the countries wishing to cut down their dependence on fossil fuels, such as petroleum, to diversify the energetic matrix, to increase employment in the countryside, and to improve their balance of trade. This document presents an outline of the works accomplished and under development, as is grounded on the viability studies for biofuel production in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.
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FGV Projects Newsletter nº 7 - Biofuels
The seventh edition of FGV Projects Newsletter addresses one of the most debated themes at the moment- Biofuels. This issue features articles produced by consultants, professors and professionals in the sector, besides interviews with the President of Petrobras Biocombustíveis, Alan Kardec, and the former Minister of Agriculture, Roberto Rodrigues. 
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FGV Projects Newsletter nº 4 - Agribusiness
The edition of FGV Projects Newsletter about agribusiness features an interview with the president of Embrapa (Brazilian Company of Agricultural Research), Dr. Sílvio Crestana, and articles authored by experts and professionals at FGV who address the following themes: Agribusiness Scenario, Macroeconomic Environment, Agriculture and Cattle Raising, Agroenergy, Renewable Energies, Agribusiness Company, Corn and Soybean, Cattle Raising Sector, Coffee, Citriculture, Perspectives, Management and Business.
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