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Caminhando Contra o Vento (Walking against the Wind)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2011
Less than three years after launching his last book - After the Storm- Roberto Rodrigues publishes another collection of articles and works written in these last 30 months.
Again, an ensemble is brought to light of ideas, proposals and comments concerning the advancement and the hopes of professional rural producers of Brazil. Here, there is a different chapter featuring cases witnessed and heard by Rodrigues, typical of the Brazilian countryside. Thus, in the midst of the rural toilsome rut and the joy of stories characteristic of unpretentious people, he proceeds with his friends devoted to agricultural and animal husbandry activities, walking against the wind of perpetual oblivion in relation to the real builders of a modern and competitive Brazil. 
Depois da Tormenta (After the Storm)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2008
With the book “After the Storm”, Roberto Rodrigues closes a trilogy with the main texts published along his career. The first, which encompasses the articles, the interviews and the announcements until he took office in the Ministry of Agriculture, is entitled “Before the Storm”. The second, “Democracy and Peace - Surfing the Second Wave”, comprises a comprehensive collection of material published exclusively about cooperativism for almost 40 years. What strikes one most in this third and last book is the amount of material published in less than two years, since his exit from the ministry until the date it was published (August 2008). It is a wealth of opinions, comments and proposals of someone who has already trodden all the possible paths in agribusiness, and yet, keeps on producing ideas, disseminating knowledge and advancing solutions, in a pace and consistence which can only be engendered by those who have weathered the so-called “storm”. In the end of the trilogy, we are endowed with the legacy of the great intellectual production of Roberto Rodrigues for the next generations and a question: And the Storm, when will it close in?
The book addresses the years 2006 to 2008, with a foreword by Yoshiaki Nakano, director of São Paulo School of Economics FGV-SP and a presentation by Carlo Lovateli, president of ABAG (Brazilian Agribusiness Association).
Cooperativismo: Surfando a Segunda Onda – Democracia e Paz (Cooperativism: Surfing the Second Wave – Democracy and Peace)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2008
Glancing over the ideas, proposals, thoughts, comments and opinions put forth about cooperativism in this new book by Roberto Rodrigues, it becomes glaringly clear that among all the efforts endeavored along the author´s public, corporate and academic life, few things stir him more than the defense of cooperativism.
Whether it be a life philosophy or an economic and social solution for most of the problems distressing mankind, Roberto has striven for more than four decades to embed, diffuse and popularize the cooperativist philosophy and practice in all corners of the world. “Cooperativism: Democracy and Peace. Surfing the Second Wave” is precisely an assertion of his advocacy and pathway on behalf of the sector. One couldn´t agree more with Marcio Lopes de Freitas, president of OCB in his foreword when he says that this book makes it plain that: “If for Roberto Rodrigues agriculture has always been his great mission, Cooperativism will always be his great Passion”.
Antes da Tormenta (Before the Storm)
Roberto Rodrigues
Publisher: Nova Bandeira / Year: 2008
The former minister of Agriculture Roberto Rodrigues launched, during Agrishow 2008, the book “Before the Storm”. Produced as a collection of chronicles, analysis, articles and lectures, the book tells chronologically all the experience of Roberto Rodrigues, since 1977, when he started to gain notoriety as a rural leader in the Cooperativa dos Plantadores de Cana da Região de Guariba (Cooperative of Sugarcane Producers of Guariba Region), until 2003, when he took office at the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Raising and Supply of the government Luís Inácio Lula da Silva.
“Before the Storm has a preface by Alysson Paulinelli, also former Minister of Agriculture and a presentation by the president of the Board of Directors BM&F, Manoel Felix Cintra Neto. Many chapters of the book start with headlines of the front Page of the leading newspapers of the country. The book draws a parallel between events in Brazil and around the world. Among other ideas, Roberto Rodrigues supports that the “protected agricultural producer represents less risk to the financial system”, disseminating the idea that producers and cooperatives might find in derivatives the required protection against price fluctuation by making use of hedge.
F-65 Uma Turma de Ouro (F-65 A Golden Class)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2005
Book written to celebrate the 40th graduation anniversary of the Class of 1965 of Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture ESALQ/USP. It encompasses the curriculums of the students of the Class of 1965 (F-65) with testimonies and the ascertainment of what they advanced and keep on furthering to progress and sustainable development of the country.
A Segunda Onda Cooperativa – Uma Visão Compartilhada
(The Second Cooperative Wave – A Shared Vision)
(Published in 4 languages – Portuguese, Spanish, French and English)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2001
This book displays heartfelt lessons of faith, hope and life. This feeling is imparted by the radiant Roberto Rodrigues, a shining mind and a pulsing heart, with his glaringly clear view of the world.  
Pequeno Dicionário Amoroso da Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz de Queiroz" (Little Dictionary of Love of Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture)
Ivan Wedekin and Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 2001
This book celebrates the 1st century anniversary of Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture. Ivan Wedekin and Roberto Rodrigues built in verse and prose a constellation of reports of the ambience which was imprinted in the life of all of those who attended the school or were influenced by it. Since it was envisaged by its founder, ESALQ has been an experience not to be forgotten. The priceless life experience reflected by the authors in the form of an alphabet, embrace enchantment, emotion, happiness, accomplishment, sadness, hilarious moments and a deep feeling of love for ESALQ.
Ney Bittencourt: o dínamo do agribusiness (Ney Bittencourt: the Agribusiness Dynamo)
Roberto Rodrigues (organizer)
Year: 1997
The best and most consistent homage to Ney Bittencourt de Araújo is to defend, disseminate and herald his ideas, the main heritage left to Brazil and Brazilians by this extraordinary public man. This book pays a homage to Ney Bittencourt de Araújo, seeking to illuminate some recondite corners of his personality.
Uma Turma de Ouro (A Golden Class)
Roberto Rodrigues
Year: 1990
This book attempts to tell the biography of the students from Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, at the University of São Paulo, who took the Agronomy course in the period from January 1961 to the end of 1965. It was a distinguished class - known as the F-65 (Graduated Students of 1965) – who lived an effervescent period of Brazilian History, with the election and resignation of Jânio Quadros, Goulart government and the Revolution of 1964, among other facts which delimited the pendulous movement of politics and of society as a whole. The book encompasses documents which report the story of these graduated students at ESALQ since 1961, such as vestibular examination, list of approved candidates, news from papers of the time, graduation speeches and more than 200 photographs.  




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