GV Agro is composed of 4 major areas of action which makes it possible to simultaneously meet specific demands and create complementary work teams, conducing to a maximization of the knowledge gathered in the center of agribusiness.

1. GV Agro Research
GV Agro Research is composed of two kinds of researchers. The first encompasses full-time researchers, in charge of routine activities of the Center, permanent research and coordination of researchers´ networks. The second comprises associate researchers, composed of consultants and researchers from other institutions who may join the permanent research and temporary projects which entail a specific competence. Such configuration was envisaged with a view to attain the levels of flexibility and efficiency required by the several products of GV Agro. The definition of the themes which drive the actions of the center arises from the demands from the productive sector, particularly those represented by corporate associations, members of the research community and FGV-EESP.

2. GV Agro Communications
These are the main publications of GV Agro:
• Revista Agroanalysis: magazine of great circulation, addressed to the agents of the private, public and third sectors. It permanently displays markets and indexes of trade, productivity and managerial aspects, as well as approaches current pivotal themes to agribusiness.
• Texts for Discussion: it embraces research results of free access, aiming at fostering debate and advancing knowledge.

3. GV Agro Courses
GV Agro must meet the demand of the productive sector, assisting São Paulo School of Economics in the development of continuing education courses aiming at the constant qualification of human resources in Brazilian agribusiness. At present, GV Agro furthers the development of long-term courses which cater to the needs of many states in Brazil. Having the two-fold purpose of disseminating knowledge and drawing the agents and researchers connected to Brazilian agribusiness closer to each other, GV Agro will hold thematic seminars addressing the discussion of subjects of major conjunctural relevance, and mainly, long-term ones.



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