Agribusiness Studies Center at Getulio Vargas Foundation

Agribusiness is, individually, the most relevant sector of Brazilian economy. Accounting for more than 24% of the GDP and ensuring the country´s trade surplus, agribusiness increasingly gains ground each year and wins markets in all the regions of the planet.
The country is today the leading world exporter of sugarcane, ethanol, chicken and beef, orange juice, coffee and tobacco. It is also a significant exporter of the soybean complex, pork, lumber, shrimp, tropical fruits, among other products.
Grasping the strategic relevance of the sector for the country and the need to steadily advance in research and formation of human resources, Getulio Vargas Foundation deemed necessary to create a center of excellence which contributed for the development of Brazilian Agribusiness. This center, the GV Agro, conducts its action grounded on the principles directing Getulio Vargas Foundation since its creation, namely, to contribute for the development of Brazil with prime quality and innovation.



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